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Paintings made by Eugenia

In the most difficult time in her life, Maria Eugenia Rubio paved the road for Musica Para el Alma. As an originator and mentor, she led the way for us all to find the gates to a place where music becomes a tool to help others.

As she went through a serious illness, with truly exceptional wisdom and emotional intelligence, Eugenia understood very well where her time and effort should be invested and how to use the connecting power of her music.

Music brings audiences and performers together thanks to the powerful emotional connections it creates.  Melodies have the power to move people.

But in the path created by Eugenia, the dedication and love of Musica para el Alma find new meaning, as this music is addressed to people who are suffering, whether because of a disease, social marginalization, or handicaps. Eugenia envisioned Musica para el Alma as an even more luminous connection, because it was not only about emotion but also about caring: about considering others and being on their shoes. It was about caring, compassion, and inclusion through music, about bringing music where it is most needed.

What is our role as musicians? What makes the difference? Where does the secret lie? Musica para el Alma seeks to rekindle the joy and passion for our profession, but it also seeks to reach out to others who, because of a disease, handicap or social condition, have no access to traditional music venues. That is why we bring music to them, to wipe out the loneliness of those who suffer, to put the marginalized back on the map of institutional music.

The choir, the flutes, the clarinets and vocals, and instrumental soloists come together to say YES to a new way of doing our job, by caring, appreciating the invaluable work of music teachers working in slums, art teachers teaching the blind how to paint, and a number of others in obscurity: teachers, nurses, doctors, assistants, volunteers, family members and friends that protect the diseased and the helpless.

It is just about giving. No conditions, no fear. Giving your soul to strengthen others and yourself.  Music-play-instrument.  Integration, dialogue, reconnection. Giving and doing good from your heart. Giving yourself to others. Embracing others.

Música para el Alma was born from love and loss.

It was born from dignity; from looking at others in the eye and recognizing yourself in them.

Adriana Bergero
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