March & April News. MPA moves forward.

2017 begins with a new format of concerts named EAPP (Artistic Encounters for the Kids). While a narrator tells a story, a text is interlaced with music. At the end of the story, the small patients are invited to play violins (small size, designed for the learning of children) and to share with the participating musicians. This structure and concerts “debuted” in December 2016 in a Children’s Home of Lanús, In March we visited the Pediatrics section of the Penna Hospital of CABA.

“Self-managed concerts” involve professional musical ensembles that perform chamber music and non-symphonic instruments. The concert was held in HSER (Home for Specialists in Recovery), located in the Barrio de Agronomía, where the “En Crescendo” guitars quartet was presented, eliminating patients from the Home with Spanish songs and compositions by Astor Piazzolla, among others.

The international subsidiaries continue their musical activity and solidarity. In February the 16th concert of Music for the Soul Naples, Italy, was given at the Pausillipon Children’s Cancer Hospital. In the Spanish Hospital of Montevideo, the subsidiary Uruguay held the first concert of its third consecutive year of activities. And the Regional Hospital of Concepción, in Chile, will be the chosen place to begin the annual activities in the country beyond The Andes mountains.

With the desire to continue adding musicians and incorporate landscapes to the network, MPA will make a tour of Bolivia during the month of April. He will visit the cities of La Paz (Aliaga Uria Child Hospital), Santa Cruz (Mario Ortiz Suárez Children’s Hospital) and Cochabamba (Albina Patiño Children’s Hospital).

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